School of the Art


School of The Arts was a constituent of the School of Humanities (Pusat Pengajian Kemanusiaan). In 1999, the winds of change had taken place, we gained the full fledged status as an independent entity within the whole set up of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

This mandate, on its own accord, posed a challenge in charting our own direction. As the result, to date, we have been conducting our own courses and awarded graduate and post-graduate degrees. We do focus on imparting knowledge, nurturing talent and developing skill about arts, design, media, music and performance with cross-disciplinary approach. 

Our staff are an integral part of all that we have achieved. They bring with them extensive practical background and industrial expertise. As such, they help reinforce professional relationship and consequently, they link the school with the reality of the industry. This has enabled us to consistently ensure our courses are kept updated. The core of our aspiration is to achieve the level of excellence whereby our students will be able to think critically and at the same time, they are capable of applying their knowledge and skill across a wider range of the creative disciplines as true professionals.

Concerning this, we have vigorously worked to mould our students to be the moving force of change in the ever progressing creative world, especially in this time of rapid convergence of technology and time-based media.

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