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The proposal for the establishment of the REKA conference commenced in 2013 when there is a question of finding a proper venues in discussion issues in the field of Creative Media, Design and Technology that can be shared amongst researchers, students and public under one conference.

Basically, REKA is a special name for the Media Creative, Design and Technology. The word REKA is chosen to symbolize the creation and production of the works through a scientific academic approach.

As a preliminary step, the School of the Arts, Universiti Malaysia has taken the initiative by providing and managing a 1st International Conference on Creative Media, Design & Technology (REKA2014) with intention to centeralize platform for seniors, researchers and students to share their opinions and works.

REKA conference held every two years where the first conference was held in 2014 and the second conference was in 2016. In 2018, REKA expanded its wings to Solo, Indonesia. After five times the REKA is held overseas, it will return back to Universiti Sains Malaysia. Through a collaborative concepts in with partnership university, REKA will be able to establish its name and expand throughout the world.